Does this sound familiar? 

It’s Monday morning.  10am.

You’re sitting in your cubicle, wearing one of your many identical pairs of business-casual black pants that you really don’t want to be wearing, with an extra cardigan or jacket on the back of your chair, and a desk drawer filled with Quaker Oats instant oatmeal, a half-eaten bag of trail mix, protein bars, and a secret stash of M&Ms.

You’re making plenty of money, but all that excites you about your day is quittin’ time.

That’s when you go home to your DVR to catch up on OWN shows for inspiration, and then move on to Bravo for escape — only to find yourself jealous of every Housewife with her own line of handbags or shape wear.

How’d she find her “passion” or “purpose” when you, just as smart or smarter, can’t find yours?

You know there’s something more for you in this life, but you don’t know what.

If this person is you, I can help. 

I’ll coach you to find out what moves you, and then go for it.

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