Five in Five: 5 Questions in 5 Minutes™ with Singer/Songwriter, Brooksie Wells

Often called a “Queen of Second Chances,” singer and songwriter, Brooksie Wells, inspires women across the country by telling her story through music. In this episode she shares five minutes with Gina Gomez to answer questions about her musical journey.

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5 Interesting Details About Brooksie Wells
  1. She has a history of activism reflected in her work.
  2. She grew up in the South with parents who fought for Civil Rights and the Equal Rights Amendment.
  3. She has a new album called ‘Down Home Divas’ (check it out here:
  4. Bobby Darin discovered her at the age of 19.
  5. She wrote for years for Chappell Music, with several of her songs used in recordings and movie soundtracks.

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