As a unique intuitive and inspiration-driven life coach, Lamisha Serf-Walls helps women make those amazing day dreams you enjoy so much, a reality. In this episode, we discuss how she helps put the ‘zing’ back into life,  what to do when you get frustrated with life, and her secret to manifesting the life of your dreams.

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5 Interesting Details About Lamisha Serf-Walls
  1. She has a Masters degree in Psychology.
  2. She comes from a family with a hard-working, single mother who took whatever work she could to pay the bills.
  3. She worked the 9-5 until she followed her dream (check it out here:
  4. No matter how much she’s discovered and learned, she believes there is always more to learn.
  5. She won’t let fear get in her way of anything.

5in5 podcast tidbit from @LifeOnceDreamt “You serve no one by playing small and letting fear rule your life.”  Tweet This!

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