In this episode of 5 in 5, legal coach Lisa Fraley discusses the easiest methods for preventing against stolen content, client payment disputes, and other legal hassles as a business owner.

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5 Interesting Details About Lisa Fraley
  1. After graduating from law school, she landed a job at a large, well-regarded law firm.
  2. She suffered from an ‘early-life crisis’ at age 30.
  3. She helps entrepreneurs get their legal ducks in a row with her Go Bare program (check it out here:
  4. Her business consists of a cross between law and holistic coach.
  5. She is an avid runner, nature lover, occasional writer and perpetual learner.

5in5 podcast tidbit from @LisaFraley “Having your legal docs are covered helps you feel empowered as a business owner.”  Tweet This!

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