New episode of Five in Five: 5 Questions in 5 Minutes™ featuring Molly Morrissey! Learn how astrology can unravel what makes you truly unique and WHY you should be leveraging those traits in your branding, marketing and sales pages.

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5 Interesting Details About Molly Morrissey
  1. She loves working with people who are curious, thoughtful and highly-engaged.
  2. She has a gift for reading patterns and helping others see the larger narrative emerging in their lives, careers and businesses.
  3. She is most fulfilled when working with people to achieve their deepest desires (check it out here:
  4. She is a a guide and visionary, an interpreter and Sherpa – for you.
  5. She brings a powerful mix of laser-sharp analysis and deep spirituality to her work.

5in5 podcast tidbit from @MollyMorrissey “Life is a journey that brings us home to ourselves, when we let it.”  Tweet This!

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