“Gina handles the delicate balance of remaining professional and being down-to-earth in a way that truly makes her stand out. The thing that shocked me the most about working with Gina was how much her candid, no B.S approach really worked for me. Gina is more than a coach. She’s an honest expert and friend who equips her clients with not only a serious dose of self-confidence but the tools needed to succeed in business AND enjoy the process. I always feel capable and prepared walking away knowing she is in my corner.”

Melissa Glaze

Creative Director & Content Marketing Strategist ▪︎ Educator ▪︎ Cannabis Advocate, Holistica Wellness

“Gina is a genius and she’s always right. I’m a big believer in doing what I’m told and I especially listen when it’s a genius giving me business advice. When I started working with Gina I did what she told me and I immediately brought in $3000 worth of revenue in the first week after implementing “the plan”. As a bonus? I also grew my audience by leaps and bounds in ways I would never have thought of on my own. My business has taken on a momentum that I couldn’t even have predicted – and I’m a psychic! Do what you’re told – Hire Gina – get immediate revenue results.” Licia Morelli

Writer. Speaker. Activist., LiciaMorelli.com

“I’ve worked with other coaches who feel like they make it up as they go along – or are more interested in selling a lifestyle rather than helping you sort out your problems. But Gina is different. Coming from the corporate world, she knows how to execute – and she has the experience to back it up.

Gina is my go-to voice of reason. Whenever I have a vexing issue – from business ideas to navigating interpersonal relationships, she’s able to deftly understand the situation and get to the heart of the matter quickly. She’s firm, thoughtful and no-nonsense – and doesn’t waste your time with fluff.

I’ve invited Gina to work with some of my group programs and I’m continually surprised at her vast knowledge. She’s a fantastic facilitator and knows how to effectively present without overwhelming the audience.”

Michelle Martello

Digital Strategy for Modern Entrepreneurs, Minima Designs

“Three Cheers for Gina Gomez!

Gina has been a positive force who has added immense value to our community of women entrepreneurs. She led a business coaching program for our community and the results were truly transformational for many of our members. With Gina’s guidance and wisdom, one participant created a revenue source which paid for her long-time dream trip to London. Another participant increased her ability to source qualified leads and is now on path to double her revenue this year. And, another participant made the most money she’s made in her business while working less and playing more – a result of staying focused and simplifying her offerings with Gina’s help. In addition, we also experienced an increase in our annual revenue because of Gina’s expertise.

We whole-heartedly recommend Gina Gomez as an expert business coach with proven results.”

Eva Mondaca & Lisa Blalock

Co-Founders, Moms Helping Moms Business Network

“Gina brings a rare organizational thinking to her work that is both highly intuitive and solidly expert. The combination of these elements gives her a fresh take on common issues and a creative spark that takes results beyond predictable or ordinary. She surprised and delighted me with her innovative and remarkably efficient insight on what would improve my efforts. Gina not only gave me wickedly helpful insight, guidance and direction; she made the process thoroughly enjoyable too! If you want smart, fun and on point guidance, you are right to choose Gina Gomez!” Lisa Greenfield

Truth in Hand

“One of my favorite parts of working with Gina is that she helped me bring my uniqueness to play into my business and let this shine through, I value this a lot because this what makes each coach or service stands out. Having fun and bringing so much joy to my business is another favorite part of mine 🙂 My biggest and most wonderful surprise, while working with Gina, was taking my business to new highs including doing my first VIP days in London – those VIP days generated enough income to pay for my entire trip!

I highly recommend working with Gina because she can drive measurable results and profit in your business with clarity, structure and strategies that work!” Ruba Zanaid

Health and Lifestyle Coach, Healthy Living With Ruba

“I was in a career transition & was looking for a different way to work through it when I came across Gina. And let me tell you my career life has turned a complete 360. She genuinely cares about your progress, tailoring each session with exercises to fit your individual needs depending on where you are that day. If you’re ready to make a positive change in your life, look no further than Gina!” Scott Moore

Emmy Nominated Producer, Writer, On-Camera Host, ScottMoore.com

“Hands down there is not a better business coach than Gina Gomez. You can spend years spinning your wheels chasing all the shiny objects hurled at you on the internet by the gurus. You can waste months looking for the missing pieces, or you can hire a woman that knows her stuff. If you want fluff, see someone else. If you want real, tangible, actionable steps you can take to increase revenue, target the right clients, and charge what you are worth, HIRE GINA GOMEZ. She will tell you the truth and it will make you money. Since working with Gina, I eliminated services that do not turn a profit to make room for those that do. I’ve been able to create a revenue stream that is not even on my website yet. I am not chasing clients. I am working with people in Hollywood from my kitchen table, and it is a dream come true! HIRE GINA. NOW. You won’t regret it.” Tangela Ekhoff

“Gina’s a rare blend of a strong gentle spirit. She will help you move mountains in the most gentle and kind way. She’s full of sass and character – you’ll fall in love with her, just like I did. Oh, and don’t mistake this gentle, kind spirit for a push over! Gina’s badass when it comes to business. I give her my highest recommendations.” Mariaestela Zoe Gullestrup

Spiritual Business Coach & ACIM Teacher, Mariaestela.com

“Gina gave me complete and frank honesty about what I needed to do and, perhaps more importantly, what I wasn’t doing. She didn’t let me get away with any excuses. I like (and need) that kind of straightforward accountability and I greatly appreciate that about Gina.

I saw real, tangible, hang-your-hat-on-it progress while working with Gina. Of course, that’s what you always hope for with a coach but I’m not sure it always happens. I was surprised by how much Gina actively supported me. She didn’t just coach me or suggest steps and paths, she educated me and even went out of her way to introduce people into my life that might need my services. That was highly unusual in a great way!”

Patricia LaCroix

Owner/Creative Specialist, LaCroix Creative

“Gina is a force of nature. She helped me up-level my business and mindset and exceed revenue goals in less than 3 months that I hadn’t even dreamed of yet. Her support and vision empowered me to think differently about the work that I do and the ways I bring it to life in the world. I am so grateful to have Gina in my corner as a coach who sees me from all angles and knows exactly how to help me reach my full potential. Thank you Gina! xo” Amber Lilyestrom

Soul Based Branding & Business Coach