I’m no psychic, but let’s see if I’m close…

You finally took the leap that all those memes told you would bring eternal happiness: 

“Follow your passion”

“Leap and the net will appear”

“Life’s too short! Do something today that will change your life!”

“Do what you love!”

 So you quit your job and started your own business (Congrats!)

You have a website (even if it’s just in your head)

Know what you want to do (it says so on your website)

You’ve had some clients (notice I didn’t say, “paying clients”)

And there’s the problem.

No consistent revenue. 

Maybe you’re making money, but the number in your dream is higher than the number in your bank account.

You’ve probably thought,

“If I had a coach, I could do it. But I can’t afford private coaching.”

“I’d love to go to Bali and do one of those great luxury retreats, but there are so many other things I want to do with my business first.”

I get it. But what if you stayed local, worked on your biz and got results that allowed you to go to Bali on your own terms?

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret…

It’s the Ms.termind Mastermind™.

I’ll tell you all about it in a sec, but first – here’s why I call it a not-so-secret secret.

The first two rounds of this program filled up before I could write a word of sales copy – and it’s been selling out ever since!

“Gina has taught me everything I know about business. She’s made me think like a true business woman and a successful one at that! I was making money before this mastermind but she’s helped me get to a whole new level and I’ve totally upped my game. I’m taken more seriously and I’ve been able to feel confident in meetings, asking for sales and seeing myself as a CEO.”

Licia Morelli Psychic. Speaker. Author.

“The Ms.termind Mastermind™ is a classroom full of lessons on networking, marketing, communication, creation, and the Law of Attraction. It’s also a professional group, and a strong mentorship opportunity. Gina is amazingly skilled and passionate about providing us all with direction and guidance that propels our success. If you want your business to reach the next level, join the Ms.termind Mastermind™. Personally, I’ve just finished my third month in the group, and the second two months were my best financial months ever – even providing me enough extra to pay off two credit cards and bring my kids on a carefree week vacation!”

Shannon Elhart Certified Life Coach & Intuitive.

Who it’s for…

  • If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work, great! I’m ready to help you reach your goals. But let’s get one thing straight, you have to be ready and willing to do your part, otherwise it won’t be fun…and worst of all, you won’t get results.
  • Can you color outside the lines? If you thought about this for a while before you answered, give it some more thought. We do talk about Law of Attraction and learn traditional business strategies, but not necessarily in a traditional way. I like to get people out of their fear and into their fun when it comes to running their business. So if that’s you, keep reading!
  • I am very selective about the clients I work with and am lucky enough to say I get to work with some pretty extraordinary business owners. One of my favorite things that they all have in common is they all support one another in a way where if one wins, everyone wins and when one struggles, everyone jumps in to support their colleague(s). We work collaboratively, offer constructive feedback with proposed solutions and have a lot of fun. A good sense of humor helps, too!

“I always know that Gina is in my corner and there to fully support me. I love hearing her ideas and how she directs the conversations to help everyone get the most benefit from being in the hot seat. What surprised me most was realizing how important having an accountability partner would be – it’s been great to really connect and share with someone within the group. In fact, I’ve gotten a lot of ‘projects for later’ done since being in the program. Joining Gina’s mastermind is a great move. You really create great bonds with like-minded women and it’s just a great support system that will help you grow and develop your business.”

Cyndi Prince Founder Loo Hoo Wool Dryer Balls

“I garnered three new clients within six weeks since the start of the mastermind, raised my rates, tackled some difficult conversations (was NEVER able to do that before), finished my internal onboarding processes (including ALL the elements – this was a LONG overdue project that was always on my back burner), and became extremely clear on what my new offerings should be; aligning more with my long-term goals.”

Lysa Greer Strategic Consultant & Producer

Benefits of being a Member…

  • Consistency and accountability = profitable results. In other words, moolah. After all, isn’t that what you want?
  • You’ll have an opportunity to view things in your business from different perspectives that will help you uncover new offerings, strategies, and planning that will help you increase your bottom line. These are tried and true approaches that may sometimes seem unconventional, but get results. Don’t worry, nothing weird. Fun stuff. I mean, what’s the point if you’re not having fun?
  • If you have a goal, I am committed to help you not only reach it, but exceed it. That’s why it’s so important to have everyone in the group invested in seeing each other succeed. Think of this experience as a weekly meeting with your own board of directors. When one wins, we all win!
  • Weekly meetings will keep you on target and building on the momentum so you get consistent results that produce profits and growth.
  • Learning from a group of peers in various industries in an environment where you can support each other and grow as a professional and in your business
  • Networking. That’s why everyone in the group is different! But don’t mistake this as a master-infomercial. We’ll set some ground rules and make agreements early on so everyone is clear and comfortable with the approach.
  • A place for all your Qs to get answered. Access to a private Facebook group moderated by yours truly. We’ll even do some online in the moment coaching! And if you’re into it, I’ll throw in some games and prizes too!
  • Space is limited. By completing the Application Form, you are confirming that you have read and agree with the terms & conditions.

Hear What Participants Are Saying…

“I love how Gina effectively blends the ‘masculine’ nuts and bolts with the ‘feminine’ spirituality, as both are equally important. I especially appreciate her helping me deepen my relationship with the Law of Attraction, which I’ve been practicing for years with life-changing results. Having Gina to turn to when I get stuck is so valuable and her guidance is always spot on! If you’ve been searching for non-cookie cutter business support that helps excavate what YOU really want (and doesn’t cost the price of a boat) then Gina’s mastermind is for you. You won’t be able to hide, which will help you stretch. You’ll feel loved and valued, like you and your work matter (because it does!) You’re going to LOVE it!”

Marcie Mauro Mindset & Personal Growth Expert


Here it is! Enrollment for Ms.termind Mastermind™ is happening again in late September 2016. In the meantime, hop on the wait list so you can be the first to know once doors are open!