Let’s get one thing straight…

My coaching works.

That’s what you’re wondering, right?

I help established entrepreneurs and small businesses bounce back from the brink of burnout, stop spinning their wheels, and implement strategies so they can meet and exceed their goals. How?

It’s simple.

We capitalize on what is working and restructure what’s not working in your business.

Maybe you’ve done well and are ready to raise the bar and go bigger, or perhaps you know something isn’t working, but you haven’t figured out how to fix it. Or, you know what you need to do but haven’t. We’ll take care of that.

I have a knack for cutting through the fluff to get to the core of what’s really going on. When you tell me what’s going on in your business, I’m listening for what you’re not telling me…

…the staff is ready to quit because they feel overworked. (“staff” = you)

…you have every reason to be happy, but you’re not. (I noticed)

…you’re a walking telenovela. (you even wrote a theme song)

…you’re still searching for that “one thing”. (so you say you’re “multi-passionate”)

I’m looking for the hidden core of the issue and a long term fix.

We’ll look at your business blocks and habits. The ongoing issues. You know, the parts of your business you don’t want to deal with – how many dollars are they costing you?

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work?

Private Coaching

The Private Coaching package includes two 60-minute sessions, plus a 30-minute “cape call” session and email support each month. Want more sessions? No problem. We’ll customize the plan to make sure you have the support you need. How’s that for easy?

*Fees start at $1,000 per month, depending on how we decide to work together.