Five in Five: 5 questions in 5 minutes™ with Writer & Fitness Expert, Linda Melone

In this episode of 5 in 5, writer and fitness expert, Linda Melone, discusses how she’s helped women over 50 create an ageless body. After 15 years of helping women get in shape one-by-one, Linda decided it was time to spread the word to as many women as possible. She started doing personal training in her 30s, and listened intently to her over-50 clients as they struggled with their weight. Discover how she took her discoveries and used them to create her own way of training.

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5 Interesting Details About Linda Melone
  1. She lost over 15 pounds AFTER turning 50.
  2. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Food and Nutrition.
  3. She’s written for Prevention, Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, Glamour, and many more.
  4. She has over 15 years of experience as a one-on-one personal trainer.
  5. She has a free mini-ebook, “10 Ways to Blast Belly Fat After 50!”, available at

#5in5 #podcast tidbit from @LindaMelone “Yes, your body changes and you can’t control all of it. But you can control a LOT of it.”

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