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Gina Gomez

Gina Gomez


Referred to as “the Olivia Pope of the personal development industry”, Gina Gomez is a Business Consultant & Strategist working with some of the most well-known and well-respected public figures in the online business world.

After building a successful 20+ year career in corporate-America working with key accounts and top talent in the healthcare industry, Gina took her results-oriented business philosophy, critical thinking approach, and knack for developing relationships to teach business owners strategies that improve customer satisfaction while increasing the bottom line. With a proven track record and experience, Gina works with clients to create a profitable and sustainable business where everyone feels welcome, respected, and included.

Gina is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

Rosalyn Hackworth

Rosalyn Hackworth

Human Relations Advocate

Rosalyn held the number two position at a large labor union in Southern California before retiring after a 20 year career. She has successfully negotiated and written a number of collective bargaining agreements throughout her career. Highly skilled in mediation, Rosalyn’s listening skills play a large part in helping her clients reach successful outcomes. Rosalyn has invested in staying current on the topic of diversity, equality & inclusion in the workplace. She’s also used her skills and experience to create trainings and promote education on the subject.

She has served on the Executive Committee for the NAACP in San Diego and Metro Atlanta. Rosalyn has been a Wish Granter for the Make A Wish Foundation in San Diego and Atlanta for over a decade.

Darlene Stewart

Darlene Stewart

Leadership and Performance Coach

Darlene has 20+ years experience of successful leadership working with a variety of clients from major corporations to individual start-ups. She’s a respected leader with tested expertise in customer service, organizational development, conflict resolution, and relationship management. Darlene is a champion of strategic business and human resource solutions, conflict resolution, and performance management.

A strong motivator with proven abilities to build positive, productive work environments in both union and non-union settings, Darlene has an ability to look at things objectively with a compassionate eye. She genuinely cares about people, and has found the perfect balance of kindness, compassion, and strength. Darlene is an expert at getting the best outcome for everyone involved.

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