UPDATE: Nobody Wants to Work Anymore

Leadership in a Post Covid Workplace If you read our piece on leading through the generations a few months ago, then you know that everything has changed since then! We are now entering a post Covid workplace and people are feeling all the feelings. Leadership in a post covid workplace …

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Adaptive Leadership Style

The Leadership Style That Retains Talent

An Introduction to Responsive Leadership One thing that a global pandemic taught us is to stay flexible. This might’ve been a rough but immediate introduction to responsive leadership for some. And in some cases, it’s probably been more effective than others. Now’s your chance to revisit, revise, and reapply these …

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Hiring Red Flags

“It’s a match” (Is it?) When you are hiring for a remote team, it is a little more difficult to spot red flags. So, how do you spot hiring red flags in a virtual interview? Let’s just say, they start before you even log into Zoom.  They treat your VA …

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Women at Work

Let’s Make a DONE List

Focusing on the Good I just got back from a quick getaway in the mountains where I was surrounded by deer, turkeys, chipmunks, squirrels, and bluejays. Every morning, I’d look outside the window and watch them gather at the house waiting for their breakfast. Then it got me thinking… ​ …

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A Personal Hiring Process

Get Personal Without Personality Tests The growing popularity of artificial intelligence, personality tests, and other time-saving hacks to make quick hires are resulting in poor hiring decisions instead. In fact, according to a Checkster survey, 30% of managers make a bad call on a hiring decision because they feel pressured …

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