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I started a yoga practice with the outstanding @traceestanley last July. Because I’m up early, I do it right after I meditate. It helps me feel grounded as I start my day.

Recently, I had a morning that started unusually early and a bit chaotic. I dove into work head first. My entire day unraveled from there and while it was hectic, it was manageable. But what I noticed was how tired and crabby I was (Super-Crab!) at the end of the day – that’s when I realized that while I had made time for meditation, I didn’t make time for yoga.

About 30 minutes later I was in Savasana, breathing easier, grateful for the time and recognition of how important it is to maintain a practice – especially when you’ve found the right one.

Do you have a morning practice? I’m always looking for ways to enhance mine and would love to hear yours!


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