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19 Tricks To Shift Your Mind Toward Optimism – Forbes Coaches Council

Notice What’s Going Well

I start each coaching session by asking my client, “What’s going well?” The more we focus on what’s working, the more we notice how much is working for us. Quick tip: Each morning for a week, list three things you’re looking forward to that day (versus what you “have to” do). You’ll quickly see positive results in your personal and professional life.

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Leaders: What To Do When You Don’t Know The Answer – Forbes Coaches Council

Get Support From Team Or Research

It’s OK to not always have the answer. It means we’ve still got room to learn and grow. Be honest and use it as an opportunity demonstrate leadership by including others on your team to create a solution. Work solo? Take a course, read books, attend a workshop, hire a coach or mentor. In other words, get support to help you get more comfortable, increase your confidence and knowledge.

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15 Ways To Offer Truly Constructive Feedback – Forbes Coaches Council

Give Your Intention Some Attention

Think about why you feel the need to share the criticism. If it’s truly to help someone improve performance, approach it from a place of how you would want the information communicated to you. Stay factual to avoid an emotional confrontation and make sure you create the space for it to be a conversation (versus a directive) that leads to a positive outcome.

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12 Things You Can Do To Worry Less About Money – Forbes Coaches Council

Stop Chasing Money

First, get clear on what’s keeping your money in short supply. Be careful not to spend money out of worry, hoping it will bring in that big payday and solve everything. Instead, look at how to create a strategy with minimal investment that generates revenue you can reinvest in growing your business. Money is important, but you want a solid business foundation and an infrastructure to help it grow.

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