I Value & Embrace Equality, Inclusion & Diversity

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You want to experience all life has to offer. You also want to make sure you’ve got the right tools in place to help prepare you for those experiences. Trust, self-worth, peace, confidence, deservedness, and all the other things our hearts crave. It’s reasonable. Sometimes it’s exploring the answer to a powerful question and sometimes it’s more practical and tactical like an effective business strategy. Either way, I’ve got you covered.

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Coaching & Consulting

Having an outside perspective can help keep you on track to meet your goals and become aware of things you might not otherwise see. Having the support of someone who wants to see you thrive, and can provide the tools to help you do it, is even better!

You tell me what’s on your mind and I’ll listen for the for the cues and clues to what’s holding you back. We’ll look at options and identify ways you can take action towards your desired outcome and how to break any unhealthy or unserving patterns so you can break the cycle and create a new behavior with better results.

Together, we’ll create an effective strategy so you’re fully supported and set up to succeed. I should also let you know I like to have a lot of fun when I work, so I work with a lot of fun people. If that’s you, welcome to the party!

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion are at the forefront of our daily experiences. How are you participating in the conversation? How are you contributing to what’s happening? Do you have specific practices and policies in place that support running an inclusive business or are you doing what you think is right and secretly hoping it’s right? We’re looking for the hidden issues at the core of the problem, and a long-term fix that will best position you moving forward. Being proactive is the best way to implement initiatives, policies, and practices that best serve your team, your brand, and your buyers.

Waiting until it becomes a time-sensitive issue can put you and your company in a crisis and increases risk. Those little things that spin out of control, that you don’t know how to handle or stop, may or may not be a crisis. Together, we’ll determine if you truly have a crisis on your hands and the most effective way to handle it.

What if you don’t own a business? You still have a choice in how you participate. Regardless, we’ll look at your blocks and habits. The ongoing issues. You know, the parts you don’t want to deal with. My vast experience working in executive leadership positions for and with Fortune 500 companies and Labor Unions, allows me to effectively guide you through the crisis process. I have a proven track record working with people just like you to help solve a crisis or reach and often exceed goals.

Leadership & Talent Development

Looking to hire and not sure what you need? Or perhaps you want to make sure you hire the best qualified candidate and your past experience has left you feeling a little unsure. From new hires, team development, conflict resolution, to relationship & performance management, I can help.

With a proven track record for attracting and retaining some of the top talent across various industries, I’m happy to help you do the same.

Looking for some guidance and development for yourself? Wonderful! We’ll get clear on what you want and then we’ll work together to create the best plan to help you get it. If you’re ready to take action, I’m ready to help you get results.

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